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Wake-Up Calls

We didn't see it coming. Weeks after this picture, a scary emergency surgery with an OB looking for a ruptured ectopic pregnancy showed a rare abdominal pregnancy with internal bleeding, hematocrit 12, 5 units of blood. I recovered. Tears washed my face when I was able to sit in a rocker and feed Joseph a bottle after the hospital stay, no longer able to nurse my 9 month old because of what my body went through. Fatigued deep gratitude filled my soul as I was able to continue life with my amazing husband and three children. We added four more including a beautiful, eternally ours, still-born daughter named Rachel. Life has been so good!

BUT WAKE-UP CALLS CAN TEACH US. Every day is a GIFT. I might not have been here.

As I entered my 50's, I had a deep inner wake-up call. One I had been ignoring for some time. I knew I had to change how I was caring for my body. My story is one of complete health change with a 68 pound weight loss, because I am worth it! I want as many days as I can with those I love. I don't want to CAUSE a shortened life or lessened capacity to serve. In God's time I will go but not because of poor lifestyle choices. WAKE-UP CALLS are good if we answer!


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