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Muscle is a Girl's Best Friend!

With the huge deluge of fitness info, one thing that pops positive from every source is the necessity for strength training for healthy aging. Sarcopenia (muscle loss) averages 3-5 percent per decade past 30 years of age unless one "FIGHTS BACK"! Plan, execute, and be consistent! Get help! Don't buy a gym membership to hop on the tread mill and use a few token weightlifting machines. Learn how to lift!

We actually want to turn into monster trucks instead of fuel efficient vehicles. We want increased basal metabolic rate so that our resting "burn" of calories rises. The trouble is, we could essentially weigh the same as at a much younger age and have a much higher body fat percentage and bigger body as one pound of body fat takes up three times the space and burns a third of the calories as a pound of muscle! The other problem with body fat is that it accumulates in places that muscle never dreams of occupying! Please work on body composition, strength, and balance, not weight loss!

Build muscle, feed muscle--a girl's best friend for keeping a youthful shape and attitude!

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