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Oxygen on Yourself First!

As moms, we get it backwards. Pre-flight instructions state basically that in order to take care of your children in flight, you must put the oxygen mask on yourself before attending to your child's mask. The analogy speaks volumes.

In life, in order to best serve the ones we love so very much (my firstborn child, Whitney, pictured above), we must take the time to care for, grow, be mindful of, evaluate, and schedule ourselves i.e. oxygenate!!! I, mom of 6, struggled with this concept. How do we prepare for the daily flight to stay abreast of good health and fitness or even regain it?

To those of you who don't need to show "weight loss journey learning curves" through before and after pics, I am deeply grateful you are doing well. I wish I could have learned from you when my kids were small. For me, I thank the person on the left every day for the decision to change. I am oxygenated and better prepared to serve!

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You are inspiring Kelly! Thanks for the reminder to take care of ourselves first and fill our cup so we can have a little extra to spill over to help others

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